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New Painting

It’s a rarity that I start and finish a painting in the same day. Yeaterday was one of those rare days. No second guessing or overthinking, I just let go and let it flow. I set aside all the pressure I put on myself and got blissfully lost in the creative process. Not a badContinue reading “New Painting”

Portrait Drawing

I really struggle with portrait and figure drawing and have always wanted to get better at it. Fear has kept me from pursuing it as I convinced myself that it would be for naught and I would only end up disappointed when I inevitable failed at my pointless endeavor. Then I remembered over a decadeContinue reading “Portrait Drawing”

Pride Painting

I was hoping to have this finished earlier but life happens. Better late than never. I also created a TikTok video to show the painting in all stages of creation. Happy Pride my friends. 🌈💖💜💙 Penelope Pride16 x 20Acrylic Painting on Canvas Enoy! 🙂 © Lindsay Carpenter